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Patricio Celedón

Chief Winemaker at Viu Manent


"In general our winemaking style is to look for the expression of the origin! In order to do that, we studied our soils to understand precisely what is happening down there, how the roots are functioning, and how they are interacting with the soil." 



An Introduction to Viu Manent

The family-run Viu Manent has been breaking new ground for wines of the Colchagua Valley since its foundation in 1935. Since 2000, the winery has been in the hands of the third generation of the family with Jose Miguel Viu and their aim still rings true now as it did almost 100 years ago, to produce outstanding wines that are consistent in quality.  The winery is committed to sustainable wine making practices, and the preservation and respect for the environment is integral to their philosophy. 

We asked Chief wine maker, Patricio Celedón, 12 questions, to find out more about the man behind the wines of Viu Manent, his own vinous journey and winemaking philosophy, the impacts of climate change and what the future holds for the winery. Here is what he had to say…



Describe yourself in 3 words…

Meticulous, passionate, cheerful.


How did you get started in the wine industry?

Since I was a child, I have had a passion for the countryside and life outdoors, so it was always very clear to me that I could not work locked up in an office. Because of this, I began to study Agronomy, thinking at first to dedicate myself to livestock. Time passed and the time came to choose the specific area of study, and after giving the subject a few thoughts, I opted for oenology, as it is a very dynamic and entertaining specialty, which allowed me to go a little further, because to make a good wine, first you have to produce the best grapes and additionally, once you have the wine, you have to help sell it, which allows you to travel, making it even more attractive.

My first serious approaches to wine were at the University, while I was studying Viticulture and Oenology, at the age of 21. From that moment on, I have dedicated myself with passion to this profession. I have met wonderful people along the way, among whom is my wife and mother of my children.


Provide a brief description of your winery and vineyards...

Viu Manent is a Family-owned company in the third generation. We have 3 vineyards in Colchagua Valley with very different soil origin which allow us to play with different varieties and types of wine. We work with different types of maturation, such as traditional 225 lts French oak, 500 lts Italian cask ”fudres”, concrete eggs and lately some small clay vessels. All this to adjust the different needs of each origin and variety.


What is your winemaking philosophy?

In general our winemaking style is to look for the expression of the origin! In order to do that, we studied our soils, to understand precisely what is happening down there, how the roots are functioning, and how they are interacting with the soil. We think that this knowledge is the key to making great wines because it will allow us to differentiate among the different sectors of the vineyards, for example, sectors with different soil origins, depths, vigor levels, etc., which will produce wines with clearly distinct characteristics.

This knowledge also gives us precise guidelines for managing the vineyard throughout the year, how and when to irrigate, how to vinify, and will provide information about the qualitative potentials of the wines.

The vineyard management is very important; we need to be very precise in order to obtain the best quality in our grapes. Shoot removal, leaf removal in the middle of the canopy next to the bunches, green harvest, irrigation, shoots in good position, etc.


Tell us about your commitment to sustainability...

We are highly committed to the concepts of sustainability, including it among our strategic pillars and philosophy of work. The company’s value proposition is oriented toward being an organisation that integrates the preservation and respect for the environment and reinforces its roots, the family, traditions, and the ongoing improvement in the areas of work, safety, health, and community relationships. We have the full certification of sustainability program of Wines of Chile, including our tourism area.


How has climate changed impacted your winemaking?

There is no doubt that climate change is affecting our viticultural  managements, from watering needs to harvest dates. Drier years together with highest pick in temperature (high and low) stress the plants, but here is where viticulturist techniques need to improve and this is exactly what we are doing. At the same time in the cellar we are interfering as little as possible by letting the grapes express themselves by using the best and more modern practises.


What challenges do you currently face in the industry?

If I have to choose three, I would say, Climate change is one for sure as explained before. Second would be the lack of work force, especially after Covid. Finally, the logistic and supplier crisis as it has a major impact all over the world.


Who do you most admire in the industry and why?

I greatly admire Aurelio Montes, as he has been a great entrepreneur, being one of the first to recognise Chile's aptitude for producing quality wines, which led him to achieve great success worldwide. At the same time, he opened the doors of the world to the fine wine industry, which in the 1980s was not yet being showed outside the country.


What is your favourite grape to work with? and to drink?

I really like working with Malbec, mainly because of the variety's versatility, as you can obtain very diverse and entertaining wines. The complexity that can be achieved is very interesting, especially in old plantations, which manage to express deeper flavours, as well as elegance and minerality, depending on the terroir where they are planted. To drink I really like Pinot Noir, as it is a variety of great elegance and delicacy.


What is your favourite food and wine pairing?

Definitely Seafood; fish and shellfish here in Chile are amazing because of the Humboldt current, which is the very cold waters coming from the Antarctic . A nice pairing would be a sesame-crusted tuna, accompanied by mushroom risotto with Pinot Noir, and even better if it comes from Burgundy.


If you had one paragraph to convince people to try your wines, what would you say?

First of all I would say “Come and visit us to see yourself!”, we are just one good sleep away. But if I need to convince someone that has not been here, I would say that they are wines that express the characteristics of their respective origins. They are authentic, unique, charming and highly balanced wines, dominated by fruit and the complexity of the land where the vines grow.


What does the future hold for Viu Manent?

To continue to understand our terroir and the interaction with new technologies as much as possible to produce wines that can reflect the best of Colchagua. Also continuing searching for new exciting projects with different varieties and origins.


You’ve read the story, now taste the wines…The “Secreto” or “Secret” range uses several varieties to make very expressive fresh and aromatic blends, each with a very closely guarded secret. Patricio includes a 15% component that only he knows, this is the secret. Viu Manent also commissions the famous Chilean artist Catalina Abbot to create the labels. Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Carmerere, Malbec and Pinot Noir available to buy now.


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