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October 28, 2016

Create Your Ultimate Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic


Over the last couple of years there has been a massive resurgence in all things gin. The gin renaissance has come at a time where people are eager to take the extra step and learn more about the production of gin; how they are made, what botanicals are used and getting to know their own palates and understand what flavours they like rather than just focusing on the sole end product. Variety is the key too, I often get asked about new wines and gins, with many of my customers wanting to branch out, take recommendations and try something new.


In line with this revival, we have extended our gin range at Bon Coeur and we now have a range of artisan gins; each different in style, taste and in many cases production.


Copper Pot Still

Hepple Gin’s copper pot still


The Geeky Gin Facts
Gin starts life as a neutral base spirit which is flavoured with a variety of different botanicals which must include juniper. The neutral base is distilled in a pot-still, usually made from copper, with the chosen selection of botanicals. This is now ready to be called gin. However, many gin distillers don’t stop there, they choose to distill another two or three times in order to make a smoother, easier to drink, premium gin. Along with the initial choice of botanicals, it is these next steps that really help to set each gin apart to create their unique selling point.


As the gin and tonic trend becomes more and more popular, many people are stepping away from the usual gin and tonic garnished with a slice of lemon. Many people want to mix things up and try something new, there is a real focus on quality and overall taste which brings a whole variety of different tonics and garnishes to the table. We now stock Fever-Tree tonics in Cellar 21, so please do call in and see our selection when you are passing. Whatever your taste or gin preference is, there’s a tonic to match.


Hepple gin


Hepple Gin
Hepple Gin is a project between Valentine Warner, Nick Strangeway, Cairbry Hill, Walter Riddell and master distiller Chris Garden. It uses an innovative three-level process for extracting botanical flavours. The heavier botanicals are distilled with the grain, the lighter botanicals are vacuum distilled, and juniper flavour is extracted using carbon dioxide. This bespoke distillation technique really makes the gin stand out from others and is well worth a try if you haven’t yet… For the perfect G&T, pour 50ml of Hepple gin, add 150ml of Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic and garnish with a slither of lemon peel.


steampunk gin


Steampunk Gin
In 1892, Sir Raleigh Holmes-Dunston developed a gin recipe which is now known as Steampunk Gin. Smooth on the palate, with juniper, cardamom and citrus melting together in perfect harmony, this gin was a sensation and still is today! For the perfect serve, pour a generous measure of Steampunk Gin, garnish with a couple of basil leaves (smacked between the palms to release the flavours) and top up with tonic.


Pinkster Gin


Pinkster Gin
Distilled in small batches to their own recipe, an award winning, premium gin. The fresh locally grown raspberries are hand-steeped at the Cambridge HQ. Pinkster Gin is deliciously dry, with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish. Try with a dash of Fever-Tree Indian tonic and garnish with a raspberry and a sprig of mint, sip and enjoy.



Tiger Gin


Tiger Gin
Made from the finest botanicals and spices from around the world, Tiger Gin has a complex formula that gives a taste infusion that is both smooth and sweet. Hand crafted in Shropshire, England by artisan master distillers, using traditional methods in a copper pot with the best quality grain alcohol and pure English water coming together to make their outstanding gin which is presented in their unique bottles. Enjoy Tiger Gin over ice, with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water and a large slice of fresh un-waxed orange.


Whittaker's Gin


Whittaker’s Gin
Handcrafted with great skill and care at the Whittaker family home in the heart of Nidderdale, North Yorkshire, Whittaker’s Gin use local botanicals in their artisan gin. Carefully selected, Bilberries, sweet Hawthorn berries, peaty and spicy Bog Myrtle and fresh Thyme as well as traditional Juniper berries are handcrafted to make the small batched gin which is lovingly bottled by hand. Jane Whittaker told us, “For the perfect G and T, serve with a sprinkling of juniper berries and a sprig of garden thyme.” So that is what we shall do…


As ever, it is all about personal preference, always use the ingredients you like in order to custom make  your ‘ultimate gin and tonic’.  Try new things; experiment with your garnishes, taste test different tonics with your favourite gins, and if you would like any more advice or ideas then please give me a call in the office or email


We are delighted to be hosting our first gin tasting at Moor Park next Thursday and look forward to welcoming everyone. The event has now sold out, however we will be having more gin and spirits events and tastings over the next year, if you are interested, please email and we will add you to our mailing list.


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September 14, 2016

Getting Into The Spirit…



It is not just wine that we sell at Bon Coeur and as part of the launch of Cellar 21, our wine showroom we have expanded our spirits and liqueurs range. An exciting time for all you spirit lovers out there, we have some truly delicious spirits for all palates.




Gin’s recent revival has seen a huge increase in the number of artisan gin distillers from all over the world. Whether you stick to a classic gin and tonic or opt for a fancy cocktail such as a Singapore sling or a Martini. We now stock some exciting gins sold by the bottle from all over the UK including North Yorkshire Gin, Whittaker’s. From their home in the heart of Nidderdale, Toby and Jane Whittaker produce small, artisan batches of their delicious handcrafted spirit with their aim to reflect the Yorkshire countryside. The main botanicals in their gins are Juniper mixed with Coriander and Angelica Root, with other botanicals such as Bog Myrtle and Hawthorne berries sourced locally.


Distilled in small batches to their own recipe, Pinkster is an award winning, premium gin. The fresh locally grown raspberries are hand-steeped at the Cambridge HQ. Pinkster Gin is deliciously dry, with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish. Serve over ice with a sprig of mint, raspberries and a Fevertree tonic for the ultimate G and T.


Hepple Gin



From Northumberland, we have sourced Hepple Gin, a project between TV chef Valentine Warner and master distiller Chris Garden. The majority of their botanicals are sourced from the Hepple hillside in Northumberland. They use an innovative three-level process for extracting the botanical flavours. Vibrant, intense and full of citrus and juniper flavours, this is a really interesting gin and well worth a try.


Claverhouse Rocks Ogilvy Cocktail.

Claverhouse Rocks Ogilvy Cocktail. Credit:


Got a taste for vodka? Then this is a must… Family run estate Ogilvy, located in Angus have now produced a Scottish first… Scottish potato vodka. Ogilvy’s potatoes grow a short tractor ride from where they’re transformed into vodka. Warm and welcoming, this smooth vodka is the perfect base for cocktails or simply serve on the rocks. Try a Claverhouse Rocks, a generous dash of Ogilvy vodka, lashings of ice and a slice of pear to garnish.





New to our list is this fabulous range of Scottish Kilchoman Whiskies. First to arrive were the Machir Bay and the Vintage 2008 and now we stock 5 of their great whiskies including the limited edition 100% Islay which is uniquely produced from grain to glass. Pronounced Kil-ho-man, they are one of the smallest distilleries in Scotland based on the west coast of Islay. Proving very popular with our customers at Cellar 21, these whiskies speak for themselves, why not give one a try and see for yourself.




Something a little different…
Italian liqueur, Aperitivo ‘Berto’, Antica Distilleria Quaglia is something a little different that is well worth a try. This elegant liqueur is made by infusing the distilled spirit with botanicals of fresh orange peel, gentian root and rhubarb. Light and fresh makes it a superb cocktail ingredient or Kir.


With too many to list in this blog, our full range of spirits and liqueurs can be found on our website with many available to try in our wine showroom Cellar 21, so if you are passing, please do call in and give them a try. If you would like any more information please call me in the office on 01325 776446 or email me on


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