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November 7, 2016

Here’s What Happened at our Gin Evening

Gin Tasting Evening


We were delighted to host our first spirits event at Moor Park, which took place last Thursday 3rd November in the form of a Gin evening. The event sold out more or less straight away, so we were very excited for the forthcoming event.


Our guests arrived at 6:30pm and were greeted with (of course) a gin and tonic, Pinkster gin with a Pinkster boozy berry, Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic garnished with a sprig of mint and some canapés whilst browsing in Cellar 21, chatting and getting ready for the event.


Gin evening tasting mat


Moving upstairs into our demo kitchen, the table was set ready for the event, our guests took their seats and the tasting began. Craig Harper from Fever-Tree Tonics led the event and started with an introduction into the history of the first gin and tonic and how it has become the ever popular drink that it is today.


Bon Coeur Gin Selection


We then moved on to the part that everyone was waiting for… the gin tasting. We presented each of our five gins, giving our guests the opportunity to sample each gin whilst providing them with more information on the gin, the background and how it was made. Starting with Pinkster we moved on to Whittaker’s, to Steampunk then Tiger and finally Hepple Gin, all were very well received.


Fever-Tree Tonic Selection


Following on from the gin, we opened our selection of Fever-Tree premium tonics which were tasted on their own and then mixed with gin. Our selection of Fever-Tree tonics include Premium Indian Tonic, Elderflower Tonic, Lemon Tonic, Mediterranean Tonic and the Aromatic Tonic which is made with angostura bark and is naturally pink.


Bon coeur Gin Evening


After having tasted all the gins and tonics, we invited our guests to create their own‘ultimate gin and tonic’. From Hepple gin paired with Mediterranean Tonic to Whittaker’s gin paired with the Aromatic Tonic, the creations were vast. With a variety of garnishes available to add there were some very interesting and elaborate drinks around the table.




gin night


For the final part of the evening, we brought out some more nibbles including a cheese board and gave our guests some time to sit back, chat and enjoy their newly created gin and tonics. We presented each guest with a goody bag and their £5 off gin vouchers to spend on the evening, and with a little more browsing around Cellar 21 the evening came to an end.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the event and to Craig from Fever-Tree. We really appreciate the kind feedback and look forward to many more wine and spirit events in the future. If you are interested in attending any of our future events, please email to be added to our mailing list.


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October 5, 2016

Moor Park’s 1st Birthday Wine Tasting Celebration

Bon Coeur 1st Birthday Wine Tasting


It’s been a whole year since we upped sticks at Gill Head and relocated our team to our bespoke HQ Moor Park, and what a year it’s been… To celebrate, we held our 1st Birthday Wine tasting last week alongside our annual trade tasting and invited Private Clients, friends, family and our new neighbours from the surrounding villages.


A huge thank you to everyone who joined us throughout the day, for our trade tasting in the morning and our private clients in the evening. The event was a great success with over 250 people passing through the Moor Park doors.


Pinkster Gin


We were delighted to be joined by Pinkster Gin who set up their bar in Cellar 21. Everyone was welcomed with a choice of 4 Pinkster cocktails (special requests taken!) to whet their appetites for the tasting ahead. Hand-steeped with raspberries, Pinkster Gin is something quite extraordinary and definitely worth a try…


sherry Tasting



As ever, our ‘Not Just For Your Granny’ Sherry campaign was in full swing with the support of our good friends from Gonzalez Byass. From Fino to Amontillado to Olorosso, we had a selection of our Sherries on show offering the chance to try the different styles and help you discover the perfect Sherry for your palate.


WSET discover your palate



Heading upstairs, a ‘Discover your Palate’ food and wine pairing experience took place in our Demo Kitchen. Laura Young of Inside the Bottle and Rosie Rogers from WSET encouraged everyone to get involved with our interactive wine workshop. This got you thinking about your palate, how sensitive it is and how different flavours can affect how your wine tastes. This hands-on approach was very well received on the night with many people commenting on how informative it was and that it really got them thinking about their palates and the styles of wine they like…


wine tasting



With over 150 wines on show, ‘The Tasting Rooms’ were full of new and exciting wines for our recently published wine list. It was a great opportunity to try the new wines and perhaps step out of your comfort zone and try something completely new. We also welcomed many of our suppliers who shared their extensive knowledge and enthusiasm of our favourite subject, wine.




Adami Prosecco


We held a number Prosecco masterclasses throughout the event, led by Carlo from Adami one of Italy’s leading Prosecco producers. Carlo talked through Italy’s Prosecco region accompanied by his range of five Proseccos. Starting with the driest, the Col Credas through to the sweetest, Vigneto Giardino with 20 g/l of residual sugar, all the Proseccos have a signature style which is a dry finish despite the initial sweetness. It was very informative and the Proseccos were delicious, a great Masterclass enjoyed by all.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, hope to see you again soon. If you’d like to be informed of our future events, please go to our events page or email to be added to our forthcoming events list.


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September 23, 2016

WSET Level 2 – A Journey of Wine Discovery

WSET Level 2 Course


I guess like many people, until relatively recently, the depth of my wine ‘knowledge’ extended no further than the wine aisles of my local supermarkets. Selecting a wine was usually based on little more than guesswork and a great deal of luck, striking lucky then meaning not deviating from said wine, for quite some time.


Since joining the team at Bon Coeur as Finance Manager in April this year, I’ve been keen to broaden my wine horizons and share in the passion of the company, so when the opportunity to take the WSET Level 2 (Wine and Spirit Education Trust) qualification came up, I didn’t have to be asked twice!


With the classroom readied in the Moor Park Tasting Rooms, and under the expert tutelage of Laura from ‘Inside the Bottle’, the scene was set for the journey of wine discovery to begin. Any fears that WSET Level 2 may be a step too far, given my limited experience and not having done Level 1, were allayed very early on morning one of the 3 day course (over 3 consecutive Mondays).


WSET Level 2 Wine Tasting


After an introduction to the basics of wine tasting, the technical reasoning behind taking in air (including making obligatory slurping noises as you do so!), and the use of the systematic approach to tasting wine (essentially creating your own tasting notes in a logical and prescribed way), we quickly moved into our first ‘flight of wines’. Our initial 6 wines highlighted the diverse nature of wine, from the easy drinking neutral character of a Pinot Grigio, to the tannin heavy, full bodied experience that is Barolo.


To be presented with a plate of ‘ingredients’ further heightened expectation. This included lemon, salt, savoury umami and chilli flakes, and this is where the learning took an unexpected twist. The method behind the madness of such a plate soon became apparent, as the re-taste of the initial wines alongside each of these elements brought a total different dynamic to the wine, and clearly demonstrated why food and wine pairings have such an impact on the character, and ultimately enjoyment of the wine.


With the groundwork done, and our palates awoken, the main focus of WSET Level 2 began; to learn about the major grape varieties, the appellation and regions in which they are produced and how different techniques can be used by producers in the winemaking process to impact on the character of the finished product.



WSET Level 2


From Chardonnay to Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon to Zinfandel; the grapes, expectation of the wines they make, and regional and global variations were all covered in an easily digestible and identifiable way. It would be easy to create an information overload and ‘lose the room’ with too much content, but this was far from the case, helped by the interactive nature of the learning experience (and a ready supply of wines to taste!). 3 days and 45 wine tastings later, we were equipped with the knowledge and enthusiasm to tackle the 50 question, 1 hour exam on the final afternoon.


The success of doing WSET Level 2 can of course be measured tangibly by the exams scores we achieve. But I think it extends beyond that, giving the confidence to speak about and discuss wine in a knowledgeable way, providing the building blocks of knowledge, and certainly (from a finance manager point of view!) providing context and meaning to what would otherwise be numbers on a spreadsheet or amounts on an invoice. Choosing a new wine for the weekend will never be the same again…


If you are interested in doing a WSET course or broadening you wine and spirit knowledge, why not take a WSET course yourself? Our next Level 2 (3 day) course starts on Monday 30th January. For more information on what we’ve got coming up, take a look on our events pages, or email or call the office on 01325 776446 for more information.


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June 16, 2016

What happened at our Cellar 21 Launch and Summer Wine Tasting

Bon Coeur Summer Wine Tasting and Cellar 21 Launch


We were delighted to host our Summer Wine Tasting last Thursday 9th June, alongside the launch of our new wine showroom ‘Cellar 21’. It was fabulous to welcome our existing Private Clients as well as so many new faces, such a great turnout which created a real buzz around Moor Park.

Cellar 21 Wine Showroom



Our new wine showroom ‘Cellar 21’ stocks over 500 wines, including everyday drinking house wines as well as higher end wines including many large formats. There is something for everyone’s taste and budget. We were overwhelmed by all the lovely comments about Cellar 21 and are pleased to announce that Cellar 21 is now open 9am-6pm Monday–Friday and 10am-6pm Saturday. Please do call in and see us.


Cellar 21 Wine Showroom


Rose Wine Selection at Cellar 21


This year, we decided to mix things up a little and add an extra dimension to our tasting to get everyone involved and create the ultimate ‘wine experience’.


We invited our guests to try some food and wine pairing in our demo kitchen. We paired our New Zealand Esk Valley Pinot Gris to some spicy peri peri chicken, our Perrin Reserve Côtes du Rhône Rouge with pâté and our winning pairing was our Chilean Secret Sauvignon Blanc paired with goat’s cheese.


Secret Sauvignon Blanc and Goat's Cheese Pairing


At the tasting, we had a ‘Guess the Wine’ table which had 4 unlabelled wines in glass decanters (2 red and 2 white). We gave our guests the chance to put their wine knowledge to the test and see if they could identify each wine.


Ben Briscoe on the Guess our Wine table


Over 50 wines were on show throughout the day with an emphasis on summer white and rosé wines in addition to some lighter reds which can be served chilled throughout the summer.


Bon Coeur Summer Wine Tasting


Bon Coeur Summer Wine Tasting


Bon Coeur Summer Wine Tasting


Bon Coeur Summer Wine Tasting


Bon Coeur Summer Wine Tasting


Lovely to see so many familiar faces and some new ones too including many from the local area.


Bon Coeur Summer Wine Tasting


We also invited Hamish and Louise from Gonzalez Byass along to showcase their fabulous range of Sherries, which we now stock. Greeted in Cellar 21 with a Tiojito (a deliciously refreshing cocktail made with 1/3 Tio Pepe Sherry, 2/3 Sprite mint leaves and lashings of ice), our guests were able to leisurely browse whilst enjoying a little aperitif. The Sherries went down very well and many were pleasantly surprised that Sherry is not just for Granny!


Sherry Tasting at Cellar 21


Bon Coeur Summer Wine Tasting


Being part of the Private Client team at Bon Coeur, our wine tastings always offer us a great opportunity to put faces to names and meet our clients, a relationship we hope will further develop now Cellar 21 is open.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their support, hope to see you again soon. If you’d like to be informed of our future events, please email to be added to our forthcoming events list.


Amy Terry
Private Client Sales


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January 29, 2016

Corporate Team Building Event at Moor Park

Charlotte-Gale-Bon-Coeur-Bluestone-11x7-2688We were delighted to welcome Bluestone Leasing to our new premises Moor Park for their Corporate Team Building Day. Thirty members of the Company met for their annual Kick Start meeting, the opportunity to set their business strategy for the year and engage Team Building Eventeveryone in a fun and rewarding team building event.

We were approached by Bluestone MD, Steve Russell who was familiar with our new development Moor Park and after an initial discussion we set to work to develop a bespoke team building challenge focused around wine.  One of the challenges to overcome was that the company had organised many away days over the years and they felt it was becoming increasingly difficult to find something engaging and different from the team building events they had done in the past.

Charlotte-Gale-Bon-Coeur-Bluestone-11x7-2291 (1)

We split the group up into six teams and asked them to become winemakers, to develop a new wine and deliver an elevator pitch to a panel of wine buyers, to win “Wine of the Year”.  This was very much an Apprentice styled event and the Bluestone teams approached it with a true competitive spirit.  Elements included branding and naming the wine, designing the wine label, making a blend of wine from a variety of different grapes and completing a blind wine tasting challenge.


Having the demo kitchen at Moor Park added another dimension to the team building event and we asked each team to cook a meal from a mystery box of ingredients to complement their wine.   Each element was marked, points were awarded for brand originality, design, wine blending and tasting, team organisation and collaboration.


The event culminated in an exciting finale with each team delivering their elevator pitch in front of their peers. Answering questions from the panel of wine buyers created a real buzz as the winners were announced and prizes awarded.  Cheers for the winning team and lots of banter, everyone agreed it was a fabulous wine experience and they had  thoroughly enjoyed the day; it was smiles all round.


Steve Russell of Bluestone comments “Having seen just how wonderful a venue Moor Park is, I discussed with Samantha Goodhart how we could work together. Bon Coeur Fine Wines took my very basic concepts, added their own ideas and innovated the whole concept for the day. The energy and vision and the passion that the Bon Coeur team showed on the day in delivering such an outstanding event were remarkable to behold. Even though our morning conference overran, Bon Coeur took it all in their stride and were professional and calm throughout.”

“Feedback from the team has been amazing. Many have commented that it is our best event ever and, despite the wide range of ages and personalities in our group, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. If you are used to using traditional event companies and you choose to hold an event at Bon Coeur, be prepared for a much more personal, tailored and engaging experience. These people really care and it shows from the little touches like the table flowers and menus through to the attitude of all of their team. I cannot praise them highly enough for delivering a sterling event and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to book a venue or plan an event for their business.

To discuss your Corporate Event with Bon Coeur at Moor Park please contact Samantha Goodhart or Louis Williams on 01325 776446 or by email

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October 1, 2015

Fabulous Launch Party for our new premises Moor Park.

Moor Park Premises

The winemakers were notified months in advance, whilst we looked forward with great excitement to unveil our new premises, Moor Park.  Over 100 hundred of our favourite wines were chosen by the team, the weather forecast was good and it didn’t disappoint!

We welcomed over 250 customers to celebrate the company’s 21st Birthday.  Our thanks to Laurent Perrier, Pol Roger, Nyetimber, Taittinger, Louis Latour, Domaine Baron de Rothschild and Esk Valley, Ramus Seafood, Shepherd’s Purse and Yorkshire Party Company, as well as our customers who made the day truly special.

As many of you know, Moor Park has been almost three years in the planning.  Our first ever purpose-built venue is a completely new design, specially created with the customer, in mind; offering a unique and exciting space to discover a truly unique wine experience.

Arranged over two floors, this is a fabulous space to entertain our customers and host wine events for both corporate and private clients.  Creating exciting opportunities to meet winemakers showing off their wine skills and sharing their latest ideas whilst passing on their experiences and insight into the business of wine.  These will be rare opportunities to watch, hear, meet and chat to the people who live, work and breathe wine.

As you can see the sun shone and everyone had a great time.

Moor Park FoyerMoor Park LaunchJohnny Smailes Pol Roger Moor Park Tasting GalleryMoor Park Tasting Champagne table Moor Park TastingDemo Kitchen at Moor ParkFood by Yorkshire Party Company


If you would like further information regarding holding your wine event at Moor Park please email or call us on 01325 776446.

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